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Copland Industries Inc. is a major weaver, supplier and commission finisher of woven fabrics up to 72" in finished width.  Our weaving and finishing plants, warehouse, distribution center, and main offices are located in Burlington, NC.  We have been manufacturing and finishing goods for nearly 60 years in large volume for the US Home Furnishings trade for manufacturers and converters of curtains, drapes, bedspreads, table rounds and linings.  Other markets that we supply are hospitality, industrial, pocketing, furniture, apparel, health care, and lamp shade trades.  We process, on average, between 2.5 and 3 million yards per week in our finishing plant.  We are pigment pad dyers with 11 combination dyeing and finishing frames.  We finish up to 75" greige width and also supply finished packages on wider width fabrics.  We dye a full range of shades up to but not including true darks such as red, black, etc.  Our diverse line of fabrics includes polyester sheers and novelties, blended printcloths, sheetings, ducks, twills, sateens, etc.  We are a privately held company owned by the Copland family of Burlington, NC.

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