Environmental Mission Statement

Copland Fabrics is dedicated to the continuing efforts necessary to provide a vertical sensitivity to the environment within which we operate, as well as who our ingredients come from and what products we produce. We have focused our ingredient purchases from those suppliers who share our core beliefs. We operate our facilities with total respect for our natural surroundings, specifically air, water and human resources. 

Internally, we have focused our efforts on the elimination of hazardous chemicals, recycling efforts of all papers, plastics and textile waster, efficient use of natural gas and electricity, and the improved health of our workers through monitoring and education.

Externally, we are marketing two new product collections that dramatically reduce the impact on our environment. The first is our "Greenpoint" collection, which are woven for the hospitality setting made from recycled polyester and the second is a group of products for digital printing, made from INGEO (yarn made from corn).