The Copland Family

With over 60 years of industry experience and a life-long dedication to manufacturing and finishing superior textile products, Copland has emerged as a world leader within the woven synthetics market.  As a major weaver, supplier, and commission finisher of woven fabrics, it has become a company passion to provide our customers with only the highest quality goods while continually satisfying a wide range of today's textile needs.


  Ronald Copland, Jim Copland III, Jason Copland, (James Copland Jr. portrait)

Copland has managed to maintain high standards of quality output by merging decades of textile experience together with an aggressive attitude towards technology upgrade.  The company's state of the art plants and equipment have allowed Copland to penetrate a broad spectrum of textile markets including home furnishings, apparel weaving and finishing, outdoor furniture, industrial goods, health care products, and creations for the hospitality environment.  With an enormous variety of styles and finishes available to you, coupled with our willingness to try new ideas, we feel certain we can fulfill today's textile demands without sacrificing product integrity.
The Copland Family is excited about the challenges that confront the textile industry, and is eager to begin supplying helpful answers and successful outcomes to any and all of your manufacturing and finishing concerns.  We encourage you to be a part of our family as we build for tomorrow.

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